Nigeria ICT Fest (NIF) is a technology conference where key opinion leaders share their thoughts on emerging technologies and technologies that can be of immediate relevance to Nigerians. The goal is to explore how best to apply emerging technologies as solutions for issues specific to Nigeria


  • Promote awareness of emerging technologies in Nigeria including deep learning, machine learning, space science, software development and biotechnology
  • Build knowledge of how Nigerians can leverage these technologies for practical solutions to the biggest problems locally - electricity, water, and food
  • Ensure that the next generation of Nigerian youth are empowered to participate in building a stronger, safer, and more just society.


Every day, innovations are birthed in the global technology space. Attendees will learn the latest trends in emerging technology and apply the knowledge to solve local problems.

We provide a platform to network with other young Nigerians who are passionate about technology. Grow your network with our unparalleled networking opportunities

Develop your technology knowledge by hearing and learning from the opinions and experiences of successful women and men in technology in Nigeria and across the world


Gain inspiration for your career and the tech sector as a whole - realise what you can achieve and the best way in which to do it. . It will be a remarkable opportunity to take a glimpse at the future and understand the technologies that will change the face of business.

We aim to build a strong network of young talents, innovators, entrepreneurs, change-makers, and pioneers. Join us.

We offer a space to come together, discuss and collaborate on some of our nation’s biggest challenges. Join the trend and let's make a difference in Nigeria together.


Ire Aderinokun

User Interface Designer and Google Developer Expert

Allen Akhaumere

Director, longevity nigeria, ai lab

Natasha Vita-More

Faculty, University of Advancing Technology, USA


CEO, Co-founder, BudgIT

Zoltan Istvan

Founder, Transhumanist Party, USA

Raymond de Lacaze

Director, Machine Learning Shareablee


In this workshop, participants from various industries, will learn how to integrate AI into their products and services and to achieve that, the following techniques will be taught: data collection or gathering from products or services; data preprocessing; deciding which learning model to use, given a data; data augmentation, when there is no much data; when to use machine learning; how to improve the performance of a learning model.

What are you selling online? A lot of people use the internet daily, but probably a few of them sell products and/or services online. The e-commerce workshop will help small scale businesses make more money by building their own electronic commerce website. Their e-commerce website will be built at the workshop.


Attend a 2-Day Training Workshop on Design, Installation & Maintenance of Solar Energy Systems. The Workshop is designed to empower technical personnel in producing solar electrical power. Participants will learn Components of solar systems: Solar panels, inverters, charge controller, batteries, and load requirement among others


"I am proud to have been a part of the first historic Nigeria ICT Festival. The event brought together engaging and provocative speakers from Nigeria and around the world, casting a vision for the importance of technological development, and the significant role Nigeria may play in the future of the global technological economy. Through this event, it became clear to me that there is incredible passion and opportunity here, and that the organizers of this event are helping Nigeria take the next step into its own unique future."
Micah Redding (USA)

"I attended Nigeria ICT Fest conference in December 2015. I am happy to learn from experts who spoke live, at the event, and others, who spoke via Skype. The conference was engaging and interactive because of the small size, which provided me the opportunity to connect with others."
Israel Ilojie (Nigeria)

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Solar Home System

Learn the nitty-gritty of solar energy and how to use it in your house. Learn the basics: inverter, batteries, and solar panels, among others.

Deep Learning

Learn how deep learning can be applied to data analysis problems. Use deep learning technique to recognize patterns in huge dataset

Ultraviolet (UV) Water Purifiers

Do you know whats in your water? Do you know how to filter it? Learn how to build and use ultra violet water purifiers.

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Event FAQs

Conference only, N20,000
Solar Energy workshop, N20,000
CodeLab workshop, N20,000
Artificial intelligence workshop, N20,000

Conference ticket, materials, lunch and water.
University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos
kindly send us e-mail at: [email protected]

Event Location

University of Lagos,
Akoka, Lagos, Nigeria.
Phone: +2347064649978;
Email: [email protected]